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Thank You Tyler Hansbrough

Posted on: December 22, 2008 11:24 am
I know we are barely into the 2008-2009 college basketball season, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Tyler Hansbrough. I have been a Carolina fan for years. Tyler is a special player. This is a kid that leaves it all on the court. I would place a bet that Coach Williams never once had to talk to Tyler about his effort during a game. He treats every possession like armageddon. Every lose ball, every rebound, every possession you know Tyler will give 100%.

He is also a very understated player. There are a lot of players who are a human highlight real, partially because of their antics. Tyler just goes about his game and gets his points quietly. I don't know how many games I have walked out of figuring Tyler scored 12 or 13 and when I got home and checked he had put in 24. His freshman year when he scored 40 against Georgia Tech, I remember sitting there and looking up at the scoreboard and caught a glimpse of a headline that I thought said that Hansbrough had 24 points. I couldn't believe it. It must have been the quietest 24 in 18 minutes of all time. I asked people around me if anyone else had seen it and every single person said I must have misread that because there was no way he had scored that many. A guy near us whipped out his cellphone and sure enough, I had read the headline right.

Hansbrough is the type of player everyone wants on their team. He is a good teammate and a good guy. Enjoy watching him this year. We may not see his likes again in college basketball. A four year player in a major college basketball program who has dominated college basketball every year he has played. His scoring record at Carolina will never be beaten. Two more things I hope to see for him this year. Obviously, one of them is an NCAA Championship (unless my Davidson Wildcats can stop them) and the ACC scoring record (it would be really nice for him to move ahead of Reddick when they play Duke at the end of the season).

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